Sandra Bullock Net Worth

What is Sandra Bullock Net Worth? How much is Sandra Bullock Earning? Is she richer than Julia Roberts?

Full name Sandra Annette Bullock, popular as Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964. She is a prominent Hollywood actress who kicked off her acting career with a minor role. Until 1998, she was struggling with her career, but after 2000 her career paced off with hit movies like Miss Congeniality, Crash and so on.

Sandra Bullock Net Worth

Sandra Bullock Net Worth

Although born in Virginia, she was raised for decades in Nuremberg. She graduated in 1982, and attended East Carolina University, and received a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1987. While she was in New York, she took acting classes and landed a role in a number of plays. Later, she got cast in several independent films both small and lead role.

In 200, she played in Miss Congeniality which achieved worldwide success received her nomination for Best Actress in Golden Globe Award. Two years later as a supporting actress in Crash, she won the award for the supporting role in the Academy Award for Best Picture.

The years 2009 appeared as her as the lucky year. This year brought her two record high movies, The Proposal and the Blind Side. Both the movie grossed over $300 individually million worldwide.

In 2011, Sandra was nominated by Teen Choice Awards for Best Actress Drama. The drama where she appeared alongside Tom Hanks, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close received the mixed response yet nominated for numbers of awards.

After the movie Gravity which was released on 2013, she received praised for her performance from many acclaimed critics. For her role, she got nominated for Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, BAFTA Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award.

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