RomanAtwood Net Worth 

What is RomanAtwood Net Worth? What is his YouTube Earnings? How much did he make in the year 2015.

RomanAtwood Net Worth 

RomanAtwood Net Worth

Roman Bernard Atwood (aka RomanAtwood) is an American YouTube celebrity who is famous for his prank videos.

Born in Millersport, Ohio, United States on May 28, 1983 to his parents Curtis Dale Atwood II and Susan Anne Christman. At the age of eighteen, he got married to Shanna Janette Reilly with which he has a son named Noah Atwood. They got separated in 2008. Roman started dating Brittney Danelle Smith with which he has a son Kane Atwood.

Since his high school days, Roman had been filming and producing videos. He produced a series of videos named The Nerd Herd in 2006 which was his first professional work of film.

His vlogs and prank videos get around million views on average. However, there are some significant videos that have a lot more. His Plastic Ball Prank has 51 million views, Anniversary Prank has 70 million views where as his Killing My Kid Prank got 40 million views.

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