Ne-Yo Net Worth

What is Ne-Yo Net Worth? Is he the rich? Who earns more Ne-Yo or Elijah Kelley?

Ne-Yo Net Worth: Ne-Yo (Shaffer Chimere Smith) is an American artist, actor, songwriter, rapper and record producer famous for his songs So Sick, One in a Million, Miss Independent and Because of You.

Ne-Yo Net Worth

What is Ne-Yo Net Worth

He was born in Camden, Arkansas, United States on October 18, 1979 to a family of African American parents. Both his father and mother were musicians during his birth. They got separated soon after and his mother raised him in Nevada. He went to Vegas Academny and joined a music group called Envy under his alias GoGo. The group was separated in 2000 after appearing on TV shows like MTV’s The Cut and Showtime at the Apollo.

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