Fine brothers Net Worth

What’s Fine Brothers Net Worth? How much does they earn? Are they richer than Leonardo Di Caprio?

Fine Brothers is one of the biggest name for producing videos online. Benny Fine and Rafy Fine are together known as Fine Brothers. Fines have become one of the reflection of big YouTube creators among young people. They have had success with number of formats likely React Video Series, narrative web series and for transmedia sitcom on YouTube, MyMusic. They run YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment.

Fine brothers Net Worth

Fine brothers Net Worth

Fine brother’s career tracks the history of online video. The seeds of their operation were planted during the radio phase in Benny’s preadolescence. They used to make short sketches, full length comedy slot with comedy figures, weird kinds of stuff and entertain their friends, family. They created live action feature in 2000 which made way to the comedy flim festivals.

Despite of winning young filmmaker award they thought of making their career on internet. In 2003 they created their website. Year after they created a live comedy action titled G.I Joe: The Epic Saga. Those days’ people couldn’t easily stream web videos even though they were capable of attracting hundred, thousands of people.

Fine brothers Details
Full Name: Benny Fine and Rafi Fine
Date of birth:
March 19, 1981 and June 9, 1983 respectively
Place of Birth:  Brooklyn
Nationality: Jewish
Relationship: single
Profession: Entertainers, Writer, Director
Popular for:
React series for every genre etc.
Fine brothers Net Worth: $5.7million

They have created 3 channels. In their main channel they upload multitude of series, creating more unscripted, scripted, narrative stories. On secondary channel they upload behind the scenes content .They were also the guest judges on the Internet Icon’s 2nd season.

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