Apple Net worth

What is Apple Net Worth? How much is Apple earning? Is Apple richer than Google?

Apple is majorly hardware Technology Company specializing on various range of consumer products. Some of the famously known products of Apple are iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iTunes etc. Apple products are sold globally and they have very loyal consumers, product design and reliability are the core parts of its compelling products.

The company is founded in April 1, 1976 by three friends Steve job, Steve Woznick, Ronald Wayne in their garage.

Steve jobs is considered the main man behind the whole success of apple, he is one of the most technological visionary person in 20th century. Job was died in 2011 due to respiratory arrest. Now, Tim cook is the present CEO of apple.

Apple Net worth

Apple Net worth

Their first product in computing hardware is apple I personal computer developed by Steve Wazniak. Then they released Apple II following another year, which is produced in high numbers and sold globally.

Apple took himself into another height of success after releasing their iPad and iPhone in between 2002-2007.

These are the most sold products of apple and then Apple becomes largest technological company in terms of revenue and they have valuation over more than 500 Billion USD.

Most of the apple products are assembled in china and then distributed globally. Like the other major technological companies they are also focusing on driverless car, AI in the recent days.

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