Alexandra Andersen Net Worth

What is Alexandra Andersen Net Worth? How much is Alexandra Andersen Earning? Is he richer than Elizabeth Anne Holmes?

Alexandra Andersen is a 19 year old, youngest billionaire title holder of 2016. The world’s youngest billionaire was born in Norway. She worth the same amount as her sister together owns a Ferd Holding Company.

Father Johan Anderson transferred the company’s stock to them in the year 2007.

Alexandra Andersen Net Worth

Alexandra Andersen Net Worth

She completed her school level at Forres Sandle Manor boarding school in Fordingbridge. She currently enrolled at Amsterdam University College, as social science student. She seems to have no rush to be complete owner of the Ferd Holding Company

It is because; she is pursuing her actual passion as horseback riders in Norway. As a horseback rider, she has won numbers of trophies by participating in competitions across Europe. The awards include Bronze at the European Junior Riders Championships in Compiegne, France in 2013 and silver in European Junior Riders Championships in Arezzo, Italy in 2014.

She inherited the horse riding passion from her mother Kristin since the age of three. Since the early tinder age, she rode tiny Shetland ponies in Oslo’s Kongsgarden Park.

Both, Alexandra and her sister Katharina own 42.2 percent of the company. The company Ferd means “Journey” in Norwegian. Ferd was bought by their great – great grandfather Johan Henrik Andresen from J.L. Tiedemanns tobacco factory. For over 150 yrs, Ferd has become the top cigarette maker in Norway.

Today, the company is more than just the tobacco maker but has private equity holdings, hedge funds, real estate and security investments.

Despite holding the billionaire status, she still lives a low profile life as a dressage competitor. She also promotes to go vegan via her Instagram account. She said that fortunes are transferred to the younger generation as way of making them engaged in the family business. However, it is also suspected that the inheritance was done for tax purposes.

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